Dragon Ball Super Finally Unlocks Ultra Instinct's Full Power

Dragon Ball Super has (finally) unlocked the full power of Goku's Ultra Instinct technique. More so than any Dragon Ball technique before it, Ultra Instinct's development has been drawn out for so long (two years now). The technique first appeared in Goku, but the only time he ever truly manifested it was for a brief battle against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. Now the latest Dragon Ball Super manga arc has seen Goku actually train in using Ultra Instinct, in order to defeat new villain Moro's unstoppable power. And with Dragon Ball Super chapter 63, Goku has seemingly achieved a major Ultra Instinct milestone!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 SPOILERS Follow!

During the Tournament of Power arc, the full power of Ultra Instinct vanished as quickly as it appeared (used it for just a minute or two, really) and nearly annihilated Goku's body in the process. During the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, Goku elaborated that since the ToP, he's never achieved the state of Ultra Instinct again - presumably because the emotional stakes of the universe-ending fight pushed him over the brink. The latest manga arc's introduction of Moro - arguably the most powerful Dragon Ball villain to date - made Goku rethink that gap in his power progress.

Goku got some much-needed training from Galactic Patrol elite patrolman Merus - who is an angel, it turns out. It was Merus who explained to Goku what was needed to achieve the state of Ultra Instinct - and it is Merus who lays down his own life to give Goku the chance to achieve it.

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 Merus battles Moro while Goku and co. are healed from their near-fatal battle injuries fighting the villain. Moro proves to be even more powerful in his new fused form than Merus can handle with Galactic Patrol weaponry - so he must employ his angelic powers and weapons instead. In doing so, Merus violates Angelic Law and is erased from existence, which leaves Goku emotionally impacted enough to seemingly unlock Ultra Instinct's fully-realized form. As Merus teases before fading from existence: "Goku, should you achieve Ultra Instinct at your current strength, it will be far more stable than ever before. You will not fall to Moro - nor to anyone else, for that matter."

Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Spoilers Goku Masters Ultra Instinct
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

There's still a lot to explain when it comes to Ultra Instinct as a power - not to mention what happens to Dragon Ball as a series when Goku reaches such a level. Stay tuned!

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.