‘Dragon Ball’ Just Had Its Most Insane Tag-Team Match Ever

Over the years, Dragon Ball has had its share of tag-team matches. Goku likes to be the man in charge, but the Saiyan isn’t the kind to suffer in silence. Dragon Ball Super proved that with its latest episode, and Goku’s tag-team has already put itself down in history.

The anime dropped its 121st episode this weekend, and it followed Universe 7 as its team took on Universe 3. Goku’s squad went head-to-head against Aniraza after the massive creature made its debut. When the episode came to a close, Aniraza took extreme measures to ensure Universe 3 would win.

The fusion sprouted wings and prepared an energy blast that could destroy the Tournament of Power arena. Aniraza was the only one left in the event able to fly under its rules, and the arena’s destruction would take everyone out but the Universe 3 weapon. However, Universe 7 had other plans in mind.

As you can see above, Dragon Ball Super had an epic five-way match with Goku. Each of the team’s remaining members tapped into their full power to take out Aniraza. Vegeta and Goku went Super Saiyan Blue while Gohan tapped into his Mystic form. Freeza used his Golden Freeza transformation, and Android 17 tapped into his infinite pool of energy. The five of them then unleashed individual Ki blasts at the energy bomb Aniraza was making. After some give-and-take, Universe 7 was able to take out the fighter thanks to Android 17’s strategy.


Fans were understandably excited to see the Dragon Ball Super team-up. Audiences were more than happy to see Ultimate Gohan make a surprise appearance, and Freeza whipping out his Golden form was also appreciated. If the five fighters hadn’t given it their all at the start, there is no telling what kind of damage Aniraza could have done to Universe 7 and the arena.

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