New 'Dragon Ball Super' Preview Disputes One Major Fan Theory

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 120 of Dragon Ball Super below! Universe 4 has just been eliminated, [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 120 of Dragon Ball Super below!

Universe 4 has just been eliminated, so now it's time for the last three universes in the Tournament of Power to come to blows. This includes Universe 3's greatest weapon, Aniraza.

The end of episode 120 teases Universe 3's ultimate weapon as the combined warrior Koichiarator failed to defeat Universe 7 when Gohan overwhelmed them with a Kamehameha, and the next episode preview shows the proof of that technique, the towering Aniraza. But fans were mistaken about one key component of Aniraza's creation.

There was one purveying theory in the weeks since its name was revealed that Aniraza would somehow fuse Universe 3's warriors with Freeza, but it's been disproven thanks to the preview for episode 121. Given Aniraza's final form, a towering being that somehow looked organic in comparison to Universe 3's machine warriors, and fans really took to the theory.

Then when a clearer look at the villain was revealed during Jump Festa 2018, fans noticed how similar Aniraza looked to Freeza. Then it got an extra layer of believability thanks to Twitter user Terez27, who broke down Aniraza's name in Japanese:

"If you shorten Bollareta to his catchphrase "Bolla" (the only thing he ever says), and then take the last syllable of each character's name: ア = パンテア (Panchia) ニ = パパロニ (Paparoni) ラ = ボラ (Bora/Bolla) = ボラレータ (Borareta) ザ = フリーザ (Furīza) アニラザ = Aniraza."

Though the preview of Episode 121 wholly disputes this as the completed Aniraza has the remaining Universe 7 fighters, including Freeza, fighting against the behemoth. There's even a shot of Freeza launching a Death Beam toward Aniraza and Aniraza blocking it with a blast of its own.

So the fourth member of Aniraza's fusion was most likely Paparoni, though there's still a chance the Freeza fan theory didn't quite get shot down either. As the Tournament of Power enters its final ten minutes, things are about to get a lot crazier for Universe 7.

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