'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 126 Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of last episode, where Toppo became a full fledged God of Destruction and delivered a hefty walloping to Freeza, nearly eliminating the Universe 7 villain from the Tournament of Power.

The episode begins proper with Android 17 facing against the newly Godly Toppo. Toppo says resistance is meaningless, but Android 17 vows to do what he can against him. 17 launches a huge ki beam that Toppo deflects with his destruction Ki. Continuing to Hakai the arena, 17 is having trouble hiding from the foe. He then notices a pile of rubble and uses it to crush Toppo under it when Toppo destroys its base.

Despite getting a ton of rubble dropped on him, Toppo appears unscathed and blasts 17 with a large amount of ki blasts. 17 takes these head on, and is nearly defeated. Toppo says he can't risk destroying 17, so builds a large ki blast to destroy him. But as he was about to do so, Freeza interrupts the attack with a Death Beam.

Freeza then paralyzes Toppo in place, and uses his telekinesis to launch more rubble at Toppo. Even with this onslaught, however, Toppo remains unbothered. Grabbing Freeza by the neck, Toppo tosses Freeza aside as the three fights unleash a barrage of ki blasts on one another.

Once the smoke clears, Toppo says the two can't win against the power of destruction. As he's about to deliver the final blow, he's interrupted by waves of energy as Goku, Vegeta and Jiren's fight makes it way to them. Then a wayward blast from Jiren hits Freeza and Android 17 in the confusion. Jiren and Toppo then decide to split up Vegeta and Goku, with Toppo claiming Vegeta as his opponent.

Toppo then unleashes a ki blasts barrage on Vegeta, as Universe 7 says they'll need to stop Jiren and Toppo's momentum somehow as the fight goes into new lengths. Vegeta launches a full power Final Flash, and Toppo blocks it with his Hakai. Vegeta, saying he'll never be defeated by the energy of destruction, fights back but is unable to deflect the Hakai power.

Toppo then says Vegeta will never win if this is all his new power-up can muster as Vegeta says that he can't lose if he wants to wish Cabba and Universe 6 back with the Super Dragon Balls. Toppo then gets the upper hand with a great deal of attacks, moving like he has never moved before.

Toppo then says Vegeta will never win as long as Vegeta continues to bear things like a promise between Saiyans, and that he will survive at all costs and toss away anything unnecessary. Charging a new ki blast, he launches it at Vegeta but Vegeta claims he will never cast things aside like Toppo. His pride won't let him do that as he says "I cast aside nothing."

Crashing through Toppo's blast, Vegeta punches Toppo in the face and begins his own offensive. Saying that Toppo can't claim himself to be stronger with only this level of power, he pins Toppo down. But at that point, Universe 11's Belmod says to survive at all costs and just destroy the arena itself. Vegeta is able to punch through Toppo's hakai blasts at first, but eventually Toppo launches enough of these to make a huge dent in the arena.

Saying that he'll give Toppo an attack he can't destroy, Vegeta is about to launch the attack that killed him during the Majin Buu arc. Piccolo recognizes the building energy and flashes back to when Vegeta sacrificed himself back then. Vegeta's energy keeps building as Toppo gathers a large amount of Hakai energy.

Toppo's energy clashes with Vegeta's, and Vegeta's energy is able to break out of Toppo's hakai and he's overwhelmed by it. This blast also annihilates much of the tournament arena as Toppo is eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Vegeta is unseen for a few minutes, as Universe 7 thinks he sacrificed himself once again, but Vegeta remains alive.

Piccolo notes that his body is much stronger than it was back in the Majin Buu saga, and it's why he's managed to survive this time. But Vegeta's also used the last of his power. Android 17 is also revealed to have survived the attack as Jiren alone stands for Universe 11.


He berates Toppo, saying that he's pathetic for not lasting longer and kicks Goku aside, Jiren congratulates Vegeta for gaining power without casting anything aside and defeating Toppo. He then says "feast your eyes on this" and begins charging a new power.

There are four confirmed warriors and four minutes left in the Tournament of Power.