‘Dragon Ball Super’ Really Just Referenced Fake News

Dragon Ball isn’t the kind of series to make sly political references, but its latest chapter seems to be an exception. Over on Viz Media, the manga’s 31st chapter has gone live, and fans could not overlook a rather brusque nod to political climate of the U.S.

Yes, that’s right. Dragon Ball made a ‘fake news’ drop, and fans are not sure how to react.

As you can see here, the official translation for Dragon Ball Super didn't shy away from any fake news. The manga’s latest chapter begins with a re-telling of Cell’s destruction on Earth. However, rather than having Gohan take care of the android, it is Hercules who takes the baddie down.

According to the manga, Hercules cashes in for a news program and sells his story of beating Cell. The live-action remake is very much fake as it contradicts all that the Z-Fighters went through during the ‘Cell’ saga. But, when Hercules is questioned about the battle, he has a simple response.

“Now, we have something that was never fully explained. There are firsthand accounts saying that this young man was standing alone in the spot where Cell disappeared,” a reporter asks Hercules in the manga. “Would you happen to know anything about it?”

“That’s just fake news,” Hercules scoffs. “I blew Cell to smithereens. The threat of Cell is utterly and completely gone. I guarantee it.”

“Rubbish,” Android 18 says before turning off the TV.


It is up to you to interpret the call-out as you’d like, and fans have had a lot to say about the quip. In the past, Dragon Ball has mostly avoided any political commentary save for its brief depiction of Adolf Hitler way back when. The ‘fake news’ remark caught plenty of readers off-guard, and the fact that Hercules is the one saying it only adds to the dialogue’s growing conversation.

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