Dragon Ball Super Figure Brings Out Gohan's Beast

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrived in North America earlier this year, and introduced countless Shonen fans to not only "Piccolo Smooth" and "Orange Piccolo", but also Gohan's latest transformation in Gohan Beast. With the new form becoming one of the biggest Dragon Ball moments in 2022, SH Figuarts has revealed a first look at this new figure that gives us Gohan at his strongest, sporting a haircut that stands his follicles to the sky and gives it a gray hue.    

In a parallel to how Gohan was able to hit Super Saiyan 2 during the Cell Games, the return of the Dragon Ball Z villain saw Piccolo nearly dying as a result of Cell Max's ultimate power. Though the Red Ribbon Army ace in the hole didn't have the power that he was originally intended to have, being awoken from his slumber prior before the full effects of the experiments took hold. Luckily for the Z-Fighters, Gohan's new transformation was more than enough to bring down Cell Max, with the son of Goku releasing his own version of the Special Beam Cannon and destroying the monster's brain in the process.

Gohan Beast Mode

Tamahasi Nations took the opportunity to share a first look at the upcoming figure which gives us a new look at Gohan Beast, a power that the Z-Fighter discovered that might not only put him on the same level as Goku's Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego, but might put him above them on the power level scale:

Currently, Gohan Beast has yet to make its way to the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga though we're confident that it will eventually hit the printed page, though it might be quite some time before it does. This year's Jump Festa, the biggest event of the year for Shonen franchises, is promising to dedicate time to Dragon Ball Super, most likely giving us a better pictures of what is to come for the Z-Fighters following the conclusion of the Granolah The Survivor Arc.

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