Dragon Ball: Step Into Frieza's Ride With This $200 Pod Plush

Over the decades, Dragon Ball has put out tons of collectibles, and not all of them come cheap. From life-size statues to one-of-a-kind replicas, fans of the anime can spend serious coin collecting trinkets. And now, it seems like Bandai is hoping to score some of that money with a plushy replica of Frieza's iconic hover craft. 

As you can see below, Dragon Ball is about to put out a special piece of furniture, and it is all about Frieza. The character's iconic hover pod is being transformed into a beanbag of sorts. So if you have a few extra hundred dollars on hand, listen up!

The Goods Explained

According to Dengeki, Dragon Ball is putting out a $210 USD pod plush that mimics the one Frieza rides around in. The black-gold pod will be made out of a cushy interior and plush cover perfect for napping. With a soft cushioned bottom, the pod will be like a beanbag in size, but fans will be able to slip into the plush for warmth. And if you want to work or watch television while inside, the pod will come with a touchscreen sleeve for your electronic device.

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As you can imagine, fans are geeking out over this wild merchandise, and many want to pre-order one ASAP. Currently, Premium Bandai is set to release this pod in February, and no word has been given on a global release. But if this pod is sold in the U.S., you can bet buyers will flock to it in seconds flat. 

What do you think about this wild piece of merchandise? Do you want to bring this big pod plush home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.