'Dragon Ball Super' is Poised to Crown a New God of Destruction Soon

It isn’t easy keeping up with all of Dragon Balls power levels. Over the years, the franchise has drifted from the markers, but Dragon Ball Super did stress how hard it is to one-up a God of Destruction.

So, fans will be surprised to hear the anime is poised to crown a brand-new god.

Earlier today, Animedia pushed its latest issue in Japan, and the magazine included synopses for Dragon Ball Super. A new title for episode 125 was also released, and the name made fans do a double-take. So, if you’re ready, you can check out the lengthy title below:

“Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo! There is Only Overwhelming Power!!”

The title is packed with strong words, and fan-translators took to Twitter to break the name down. Hermes98 said emphasized that part of the title’s Japanese “降臨/kourin” is a formal word used signal a god descending to the Earth.

“Previously in Super, it’s been used to describe Beerus’ arrival,” the translator explained. “Seems like Toppo might not be a mere candidate anymore.”

In the past, Toei Animation did confirm Toppo was in the running to become Universe 11’s God of Destruction. Belmod oversees the realm right now, but Toppo may cross the power threshold needed to usurp the God during the Tournament of Power. This new title certainly seems to hint Toppo will dawn upon a new power that’s worthy of a God of Destruction, and the level-up could spell disaster for Universe 7.


According to these new spoilers, Goku's squad could be in greater danger than anyone expected. Jiren is slated to wreck Vegeta and Goku when the duo team up against the Pride Trooper in a battle. As for Freeza, the villain will apparently struggle to hold his own against Dyspo, and Gohan will have to step in to help his former enemy. With Toppo heading for a power-up of his own, fans are getting nervous about how Universe 7 will fare and if annihilation may be nipping at its heels.

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