‘Dragon Ball’ Title Teases Gohan's Stand Against [SPOILER]

Gohan has had a rough time on Dragon Ball Super, but the show is trying to give the Saiyan some dues these days. With the Tournament of Power underway, Gohan has the actual weight of Universe 7 on his shoulders, and the fighter will have to go up against Dyspo to carry it.

Earlier today, a set of new synopses for Dragon Ball Super went live in Japan. Animedia’s latest issue included a trove of anime goodies, and it was there episode 124 got a telling new summary. The blurb from the synopsis of “A Stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!” can be found below:

“Universe 7's Son Gohan goes to help out Freeza as he battles Universe 11's Dyspo.”

Fans have known for awhile now that Freeza would be stepping up to the Pride Trooper. When Dyspo tries to scramble Goku’s team, Freeza will go after the fighter in hopes of knocking him out. However, it seems the villain will bite off more than he can chew with Dyspo. Gohan will be tasked with tag teaming against the Universe 11 warrior, but things may not go his way.

Over on Twitter, translators have started to break down the title of episode 124 for any teasers. Herms98 writes that the title includes a term used to describe an actual battle formation. The phrase “背水の陣/haisui no jin” refers to an attack formation that corners its opponents, but Gohan is not out of luck just yet.


As Herms98 explains, the episode title refers to Gohan in a more hopeful light. “In fact, 背水の陣/"fighting with one's back to the water" was coined in reference to the strategy which general Han Xin used to defeat the Zhao army at the Battle of Jingxing, so while it sounds gloomy there may still be hope for Gohan yet,” the translator writes.

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