Dragon Ball Super: Will Goku Destroy Earth to Save The Galaxy?

Dragon Ball Super's latest story arc has reached its climactic moment, and it certainly is a twist on the usual Dragon Ball formula. The series' newest villain Moro proved to be a god-level threat, which forced Goku to break his limits to achieve the god-level power of Perfected Ultra Instinct. Unfortunately, Goku blew his advantage over Moro by giving the villain not one, but three chances to reform himself, and return to Galactic Patrol Prison. Instead, Moro unlocked the power of Ultra Instinct, and then took things a step further by breaking his own limits to merge with Earth itself.

Now Goku has a major dilemma in front of him: Moro is overloading with the power of Ultra Instinct, making him a bomb that could wipe out the galaxy with its force. The only apparent solution is for Goku to use his Ultra Instinct power to destroy Moro - and Earth along with him.

So will Goku destroy Earth to save the galaxy?

Dragon Ball Super Goku Destroy Earth Moro Galaxy Manga 65 Spoilers

First things first - there is a major caveat to this question. As we've already broken down, Vegeta's new Forced Spirit Fission power may be the key to defeating Moro. Spirit Fission separates fusions, and could conceivably draw Moro out of Earth. It just may take Vegeta and Goku's combined effort to make it work.

However, it would almost be more interesting if Forced Spirit Fission is taken off the table, and Goku is forced to make a terrible choice as penance for the terrible mistake he made. Goku having to turn his new power to destroy Earth (for the good of the universe), it would forever change his status and make him as much a threat to Earth as its protector. The "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" story arc has similarly laid the groundwork for Earth to be resurrected from destruction: Vegeta used Forced Spirit Fission to extract all the life forces of New Namek from Moro, and return them to the planet and its people. With the Namekian Dragon Balls, Earth could be If Goku refuses to destroy his world, then it may fall to divine powers like Beerus to stop a mortal like Moro from destroying an entire Galaxy.


Either way, the gods probably won't be too happy that their Ultra Instinct power has spiraled so far out of control in mortal hands. That could be the very groundwork Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro are planning for Dragon Ball Super's next arc.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.