'Dragon Ball' Reveals Anime Shot Of Goku's Final Ultra Instinct Form

Dragon Ball Super picked the worst time to take a short hiatus. The anime will hold off on [...]

Dragon Ball Super picked the worst time to take a short hiatus. The anime will hold off on debuting a new episode this week, leaving fans to freak out over the much-awaited release. After all, episode 129 is set to share Goku's newest Ultra Instinct form, but don't fret just yet!

It looks like the Dragon Ball gods have heard your pleas. Shenron must have your back because an anime screenshot of Goku's Perfect Ultra Instinct form has gone live for all you fans.

As you can see below, the anime fandom started to buzz after an anime shot of Goku went live. The picture shows the Saiyan in his Perfect Ultra Instinct form, a state that gives him white-silver hair and pupils. Fans were confused where the still came from since Dragon Ball Super has kept the form on the down-low so far, but the same cannot be said for one of its game franchises.

Yes, the still came from the latest commercial for Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The Japanese video game series released several new promos this week, and one of them nodded to Goku's form. While the game itself isn't considered canon by most, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has previewed canonical anime moments in its teasers before the show could air them. So, fan are willing to take this sneak-peek as a wholly legit one.

So far, Dragon Ball Super has yet to reveal an official anime take on Goku's upcoming form. Fans were shown designs of Perfect Ultra Instinct in magazines like V-Jump last week, and the anime hinted at the power-up with its preview for episode 129. However, it looks like Toei Animation is happy to keep fans hanging until the anime returns in March.

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