Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Puts Earth and Universe 7 in Peril

Dragon Ball Super has put Goku through some intense situations, but it has never seen the hero mess up so badly as he has now. Fans paid witness to Goku's biggest blunder when the manga's new chapter went live. It was there readers took in how badly Goku underestimated Moro, and his mistake could mean the end of Earth or even Universe 7.

Let's break things down a bit to see how Goku got to this point. It all began after Goku nabbed the senzu beans from Krillin and offered the healing item to Moro on the condition he turns himself in. Of course, the baddie agrees before immediately turning his back on Goku. Moro gets beaten back once more, but things take a turn when he manages to absorb latent energy from Merus that the angel left on Earth.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Shocked
(Photo: Toei Animation)

With Moro now able to use Ultra Instinct, he goes so far as to fuse with the Earth itself. Goku is left stunned by the turn of events, and Whis is none too happy when he spells out the situation our hero has wrought.

"It's come to this. In order to withstand angel power, he's made the Earth into his own body. Which means that your planet now shares moro's fate," Whis explains to the group.

"Killing Moro will mean destroying the Earth itself. And beyond that, his swollen energy will detonate, possibly obliterating the entire galaxy."


Clearly, Goku stepped in it by not killing Moro when he had the chance. Now, it falls to the Saiyan to save the day, and he could pull off a win should Vegeta lend his new powers to the fight. But for now, well - you can understand why Dragon Ball Super fans is pretty ticked off with Goku.

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