Dragon Ball Super Chapter Sparks Debate Over Goku's Hero Complex

If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans can rely on, it is Goku saving the day. Time and again, the [...]

If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans can rely on, it is Goku saving the day. Time and again, the hero has been the one to rescue Earth when it really counts, and there are only a few exceptions to the contrary. Still, if there is a monumental fight to be had, Goku is sure to take part in it where Dragon Ball is concerned. And thanks to a recent update, it seems a small debate has popped off regarding Goku and his hero complex.

The whole thing went live after Dragon Ball Super put out its new chapter. The update followed Goku as the hero reached Earth to find Moro on his turf. The Saiyan was none too impressed by the baddie, and he let it be known by fighting alongside his friends. But when things got intense, it was Goku who blasted ahead of his friends and used Ultra Instinct to stay Moro's hand.

Over on social media, fans began buzzing over the debut of Ultra Instinct, but fans were not necessarily happy with it. Their thoughts on the matter range widely, but many critique the fact that Goku has done this exact thing time and again. Whether with Piccolo Daimao or the Ginyu Force and even Majin Buu, Goku is really go at showing up out of nowhere to defeat a villain. This repetitive outcome has some feeling pressed, but others are not buying into the critique.

After all, Dragon Ball has never been shy about its focus on Goku. The Saiyan is the series' de facto hero, even if it does explore other heroes from time to time. In a comic like Superman, you expect the DC hero to save the day no matter who he is working with, and the same goes for Dragon Ball. If the series wants to shake things up, that would be a pleasant surprise, but fans are left to debate whether the series owes them such a diversion or not.

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