'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Vegeta's New Manga Power Boost

Vegeta may not be the top Saiyan in Dragon Ball, but he is nothing to laugh at. The fighter is more than powerful enough to rival Goku, and it seems Dragon Ball Super's new chapter wants fans to give the fighter credit where it is due.

After all, Vegeta did just get a bit power boost, and fans are speculating whether it constitutes a new power-up as a whole.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super put out its new chapter, and the update saw Universe 7 take on Jiren. Goku may have tapped into Ultra Instinct awhile back, but he cannot summon the state at will. This sudden accomplishment doesn't sit well with Vegeta, and the frustration he feels at having fallen behind Goku forces him into another power boost.

dragon ball super
(Photo: Shueisha)

"I can't stand it. How many times must this happen?! He's over there breaking into uncharted territory while I struggled against my opponent? Enough of this... I am better than that," Vegeta cries, throwing himself into a power-up that leaves all of the bystanders shocked.

"What's up with Vegeta? His whole aura's changed," Beerus notes as he watches Vegeta lay out Toppo before moving onto Jiren.

Looking at the power boost from the outside, it looks a tad different from Vegeta's usual Super Saiyan Blue set-up. The energy aura around him appears to have a more violent, shaded edge as the Saiyan continues to push his power level higher. However, no one in the manga refers to the power boost by a new name specifically.

This unique moment has got anime fans thinking this may be the manga-counterpart for Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue Evolution state. The form was introduced in the anime after Vegeta grew upset over his waning strength. The Saiyan is able to power up into a new Super Saiyan Blue form that has a sparkly aura, but it was said the form would be exclusive to the anime. Now, it looks like Vegeta has got his own manga mojo going to combat the SSBE power-up, so readers are crossing their fingers that this new chapter will get colored sometime in the future. After all, they need to see this power-up in full color, and Toyotaro is the only one who can ink such a thing officially.


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