Dragon Ball Super Reveals a Damning Secret Between Beerus and the Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super got off on the wrong foot with Beerus, but the God of Destruction has turned his reputation around. It took some time, but the fighter has gone from foe to unlikely friend. Still, Beerus cannot wipe away all of the utter destruction he's caused, and he would never want to see as much happen. And now, fans are feeling conflicted about Beerus after he gave a stunning announcement about his past.

Recently, the manga hit up fans with a new update, and Dragon Ball Super chapter 69 did not hold back. The whopping release gave fans nearly 50-pages of content to sort through, and one of its scenes witnessed Beerus' confession. The God of Destruction took Vegeta for a loop when he admitted to convincing Freeza to destroy the Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Heroes Beerus Anime
(Photo: Bandai)

Yes, that is right. It turns out Beerus was way more involved with Goku and Vegeta in the past than we expected. After questioning the latter about the Saiyans and their fate, Beerus said everything is up to change and that he was the one who gave Freeza the genocidal idea.

"The one who suggested that Freeza eliminate Saiyans was me," Beerus said told Vegeta. "Go on, try me. I'll obliterate you too."


At this point, fans have no context for why Beerus made the suggestion. His younger days are mostly a mystery to fans as they were told Beerus was in a deep sleep for much of Dragon Ball Z. In fact, most fans believed Beerus was sleeping through most of recent history, but that is not the case. The God of Destruction was around decades ago to convince Freeza of his plot, but there is no telling why Beerus chose to do so. So if Vegeta is still holding a grudge against Freeza for what he did to his planet, well - he has to give some of that blame to Beerus now.

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