New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter Brings Back Cell

Dragon Ball has never had a shortage of villains. Guys like Freeza and Majin Buu are classic baddies who cannot stay away. While the latter has stuck around through Mr. Buu, Freeza likes to come and rile Goku up. Cell, on the other hand, has yet to make a big comeback. So, you can understand why Dragon Ball freaked fans out with its newest chapter.

After all, the latest issue of Dragon Ball Super does have Cell gracing its pages.

Over in Japan, the 31st chapter of Dragon Ball Super has gone live, and its first page had fans doing a double-take. As you can see below, fans have shared the chapter’s start online, and it shows shows Cell facing off with an immensely powerful fighter.

According to fan translators like Hems98, Cell’s comeback makes total sense. So, no - the villain has not been revived or folded into the ‘Universal Survival’ saga retroactively. Cell returns for a specific reason, and that is Mr. Satan.

Yes, the goofy martial artist is able to bring Cell back through a movie. The manga’s latest chapter starts off by showing Cell and Mr. Satan fighting in a movie “re-make” of their Cell Games duel. Rather than getting obliterated by the android, Mr. Satan makes Cell cower in this adaptation, and it is kind of perfect.

Cell is seen telling Mr. Satan the very words he told Gohan way back when. “I never thought such a being could exist in this world,” the villain says. “He’s actually strong than me.”

The chapter moves on to see Mr. Satan scold Cell for his poor foresight. The fighter says Cell didn’t count on Earth having a superhero around, and fans will remember Mr. Satan was addressed as such when he confirmed his entrance to the Cell Games.


In true style, Mr. Satan wound up making bank of his re-imagined fight with Cell through this hilarious adaptation. Dragon Ball Super included it as Krillin and Android 18 gather to watch the movie during a night in. The impromptu date gets interrupted when Goku arrives to recruit the pair for the Tournament of Power, and the high-stakes event forces the couple to forget all about Mr. Satan and his tall tales.

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