Dragon Ball Super Shares Manga Schedule Through 2021

Dragon Ball Super has kept a steady schedule ever since its anime ended, and the franchise plans to keep moving forward with its manga. In a recent update on the series, its editor confirmed work is already being done on the next arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga, and fans have an idea of when they can expect the series to put out its next chapters.

For those who are new to the manga, the series is housed in Shueisha's V-Jump. The publication comes out monthly and houses other popular series such as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Dragon Ball Super has carried on its story in the magazine since its anime wrapped after the Tournament of Power, and fans can expect its next chapter to drop later this month.

The schedule for V-Jump went through an update recently, and DbsHype made sure to share it online with readers. The magazine has posted its publication dates through March 2021, and you can find them down below:

  • CH66: Nov 20
    CH67: Dec 20
    CH68: Jan 20
    CH69: Feb 19
    CH70: March 18

As you can see, V-Jump has a standard schedule through the end of this year, but it will shift to an earlier date starting in February 2021. Barring any major changes, Dragon Ball Super should be posted in each of these issues, and fans expect one of them to kick off a new arc.

After all, Dragon Ball Super has teased the climax of Moro's arc is here. Fans anticipate the arc wrapping up by the new year, and that means big things for 2021. After all, there is no telling what Goku's next adventure will be, but here's to hoping it gives Vegeta time to shine. That is, so long as the Saiyan survives his final encounter with Moro!

How hyped are you for the finale of Moro's arc? What do you want from the next Dragon Ball Super arc? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.