Dragon Ball Super Manga Debuts Granolah's Secret Technique

Dragon Ball Super went live with its newest chapter this week, so you know what that means. Goku [...]

Dragon Ball Super went live with its newest chapter this week, so you know what that means. Goku and Vegeta are facing a new foe after being brought to Planet Cereal, and it goes without saying that Granolah is not pleased with their arrival. As he is set on slaying the Saiyans, Goku and Granolah have been fighting for a bit, and the sniper just revealed a secret technique he's been hiding.

The whole thing went live when Dragon Ball Super released chapter 73 this week if you need to catch up. Fans watched as Granolah kept fighting with Goku as the Saiyan tried out a slew of forms. After going all out with Ultra Instinct, Goku thought he defeated Granolah with the perfected form, but it turns out the villain was hiding something huge.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Vegeta Granolah Fight Spoilers Manga
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As it turns out, Goku was not fighting Granolah like he thought this whole time. The sniper knew the Saiyans were coming to Planet Cereal, so he chose to plan their meeting. Instead of showing up without any intel, Granolah managed to make a clone of himself before Goku arrived topside, and this clone is the one who fought the hero this whole time. Goku wasn't expecting this at all, so he had no way to protect himself when Granolah's showed up to fight for real.

Now, Vegeta is the only thing standing in Granolah's way as the sniper is still set on culling the Saiyans. Fans are eager to see how this battle will go given Vegeta's recent training with Beerus, but there is no telling what other powers Granolah is hiding. In the manga, Dragon Ball doesn't whip out the use of cloning often, so it is impressive to see Granolah using the technique. Vegeta is going to need some of his own hidden aces to defeat Granolah, and fans aren't sure the former prince is ready for whatever his foe will throw at him.

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