'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Krillin's New Admirer

When you think of a ladies man, Krillin isn’t the first guy who comes to mind. In the world of [...]

When you think of a ladies man, Krillin isn't the first guy who comes to mind. In the world of Dragon Ball, guys like Vegeta and Yamcha tend to make girls swoon, leaving Krillin to chill on the side. Still, the martial artist made Android 18 fall for him, but she is not the only one.

No, it looks like there is another woman with her eye on Krillin, and the admirer isn't afraid admit her love for him to 18.

In the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, fans saw a big change had been made to the woman who has fallen for Krillin. It seems Ribrianne is head over heels for the Earthling, and she is struck dumb after seeing the hottie for the first time.

"Wait just a minute. Who exactly is that gorgeous man," Ribrianne is seen demanding as she stops her fight with 18. When the Android says Krillin is her husband, Ribrianne flies into a rage.

"What did you say?! An ugly beast like you is married to such a fine specimen?"

As audiences can see, all of Ribrianne's comrades agree with her take on Krillin.

"That bald head and no nose... Such pleasingly simple features," one can be seen saying while the other adds, "His looks are beyond perfection!"

Strangely enough, Krillin is not too flattered by the praise. The fighter is shown looking miffed about the compliments, and Ribrianne goes on to attack 18 at her full strength once a jealous rage takes over. However, both women find themselves outed after an unseen fighter pushes them from the tournament's arena.

For fans, this interaction is a hilarious one given how Ribrianne reacted to Krillin in the anime. When the Universe 2 heroine learned 18 was married to the boy, Ribrianne was horrified by how Krillin looked, but it seems his manga visage is way more pleasing. So, the girl has gone from loathing the Universe 7 hero to loving him like that.

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