'Dragon Ball Super' Just Made LSSJ Kale a Universal Destroyer

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga brought us into the exciting mid-point of the Tournament of Power, and things are playing out in much different fashion than what we saw in the anime. The previous chapter of the manga introduced very different roles for Universe 6's female Saiyans Kale and Caulifla to play in the ToP - ending with Kale unveiling a power Super Saiyan form, which quickly spiraled down into a full-on Berserker Saiyan rage.

The new chapter of the manga picks up from that point, and sees Kale go on a beserker rampage that entirely changes the balance of the ToP. In the span of mere moments, Kale eliminates all of the remaining fighters from Universes 4, 3, 2, and 10, sweeping all four universes from the tournament.

In the anime, those eliminations were much harder to come by, with fighters like Universe 3's man/machine fusion monster Aniraza, or Brianne of Universe 2's Kamikaze Fire-balls, offering more pivotal matches for the Universe 7 Z-fighters to win. Kale's battle with Aniraza is much more anti-climatic: she delivers one drop-kick to the cyborg monster's chest, and sends him right out of the ring!

Kale's universe PWNing doesn't end there: as the Berserker Super Saiyan continues to explode with power and rage, she turns on her own Universe 6 teammates! Auta Magetta and the two Universe 6 Namekians Pirina and Saonel all pay the price for trying to calm Kale down, while Cabba and Caulifla come to a startling realization: Kale may be the Legendary Super Saiyan that only appears every 1,000 years. The two Universe 6 Saiyans then team-up to save Kale, who is finding that her LSSJ rage power is no match for the coordinated attacks of the Universe 11 Pride Troopers. Cabba is nearly thrown from the ring, as Kale doesn't respond to either his or Caulifla's pleas; just as Kale is about suffer a ring out by the Pride Troopers, Champa and Caulifla come up with a plan: use the Potara earraings that Caulifla stole from Fuwa to fuse her and Kale together, to negate the Berserker rage. The plan is formed too late, as Kale gets knocked from the ring by Universe 11, until Cabba jumps out of the ring to save her, sacrificing himself to attach the Potara on her ear, and create that epic Kale/Caulifla fusion.

As stated, Kale's power as a LSSJ is much more pronounced and important in the ToP arc in the manga, whereas her Berserker Saiyan form in the anime was used more as a gimmick, to set up the Kefla fusion and Goku's second manifestation of Ultra Instinct - which was clearly the main focus. With the manga giving the two female Saiyans of universe 6 more power and importance, one wonders what Toriyama and Co. have planned for their future.


Dragon Ball Super chapter 38 is now available at Viz Media.