Dragon Ball Super Tease One Fighter's Return in New Draft

Dragon Ball Super is on the road to a new chapter, and that means the manga is hyping up fans for what's to come. After all, Goku is taking on Gas these days, and our Saiyan is desperate to defeat the villain like his father before he did. Now, a new draft of the chapter has gone live, and it even teases the return of an unexpected warrior in this arc.

The whole thing came to light just recently when Dragon Ball Super aired out its new drafts. It was there fans caught up with Goku as he continues his battle with Gas. The two are fighting all over Universe 7 in this promo thanks to Instant Transmission. And at one point, it seems Monaka shows up to add his awkward flair to the fight.

The small pink fighter is shown aiding Goku against Gas, after all. However, the two aren't throwing punches side by side. After Goku gets Gas into position, he relies on Monaka to douse the thug in concrete. That is how the battle winds down in this upcoming chapter, and fans know there must be even more to come.

It has been quite some time since Dragon Ball Super checked in on Monaka. The fabled fighter was mentioned during the Tournament of Power arc. Before that, Monaka was shown ever so briefly in the Future Trunks saga, and this came after the fandom met Monaka in the Universe 6 saga.

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You might be surprised to see Goku trail after Monaka with Gas, but it is hardly a shock given what we know of the two. Goku needs to have a target in mind when he uses Instant Transmission. Monaka was a quick target to visit for Goku, and the Saiyan still believes the wimpy alien has unimaginable power. But as we all know, well – sometimes Goku gets things really wrong. 

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