Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Mastered Ultra Instinct Does Against Granolah

Dragon Ball Super has taken Goku's power level all the way up to Mastered Ultra Instinct, and now [...]

Dragon Ball Super has taken Goku's power level all the way up to Mastered Ultra Instinct, and now it's officially putting the divine technique to the test, in a battle with Granolah, the strongest warrior in the universe! The new Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 73 continues the battle of Goku vs. Granolah, as the bounty hunter Cerealian tries to eradicate the last of the Saiyan race for exterminating his people on Freeza's orders. Granolah's natural abilities as a Cerealian have left Goku vulnerable to some vicious attacks, and combine that with the Dragon Ball wish that boosted Granolah's power, Goku has to pull out the biggest power he has to win the fight!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 SPOILERS Follow!

Goku tried to beat Granolah with Super Saiyan God Plus Ultra Instinct but ended up getting floored by the Cerealian's X-Ray right eye, which can detect Goku's vital nerve points and energy flow. So, for the next round, Goku demonstrates how much he's learned about controlling Ultra Instinct, but taking things up a notch, to Super Saiyan Blue Plus Ultra Instinct!

However, even SSB+UI isn't enough to stand against Granolah: Goku manages to blast the bounty hunter with a Kamehameha to the chest, but Granolah still manages to get a hit on Goku's vital point.

Granolah tries to tell Goku to give it up since Ultra Instinct isn't enough to protect him from the Cerealian eye. However, Goku corrects that thinking by retreating back to Vegeta and letting the Saiyan Prince know that he still has Full Power Ultra Instinct at his disposal. Goku transforms into his full silver hair, silver eye Ultra Instinct state, and brings the fight back to Granolah.

Dragon Ball Super 73 Spoilers Goku Ultra Instinct Full Power vs Granolah

With Full Power Ultra Instinct, Goku is able to counter every one of Granolah's abilities: no vital point detection, superior strength and speed, and even strange new techniques like telekinetic holds. Goku ends the fight with a barrage of Ultra Instinct punches that leave Granolah down and out. However, the Cerealian reveals a new technique of his own, which once again upsets the balance of power between Goku and Granolah.

As it turns out, Goku was only fighting a clone that Granolah made from a portion of his own power. Even in Full Power Ultra Instinct form, Goku doesn't see Granolah coming before the Cerelian moves his real body into striking distance and leaves Goku out cold and catatonic with one vital point blow!

So, it looks like Full Mastered Ultra Instinct still isn't powerful enough to counter the power Granolah's Dragon Ball wish has given him. Now it's up to Vegeta to prove his new powers can do against Granolah what Ultra instinct can't.

Dragon Ball Super's chapter 73 is now available - read it FREE on Shonen Jump.