Dragon Ball's Next Arc Needs to Nerf the Saiyans ASAP

Dragon Ball has courted an array of arcs over the years, and each story has its own hook that puts its heroes in trouble. From the original manga to stories like Dragon Ball Heroes, the franchise has always found a way to temporarily block its heroes from pushing past their limits. That is exactly what the current arc of Dragon Ball Super is doing, but it is time for the franchise to make things a little more permanent where nerfing is concerned.

If you are caught up with the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, you will know that Moro put Earth in quite the predicament. The planet is being targeted by Moro for a light snack, and the only thing keeping Earth from annihilation is the Z-Fighters. Of course, things got hairy when Moro revealed he could keep Vegeta and Goku from going Super Saiyan, and that idea is one that should be explored more.

After all, Goku and Vegeta live and breathe by their assortment of forms. The fighters hardly ever go a battle without shifting into a new form, and they transform more than once on the regular. Even their training spars tend to utilize these forms, but they do not have to. While the Saiyans worked hard to unlock their forms over the years, there are plenty of fans who want to see more of their base forms.

Dragon Ball Goku and Vegeta Loss
(Photo: Viz Media)

Over the years, fans have come to expect a new form from either Goku or Vegeta. That is just how it is. It would be refreshing to see Dragon Ball buck the trend by semi-permanently closing off access to a form. Even Moro's ability to void Super Saiyan didn't last for long, and the form was not returned because of anything our heroes did. This bait was juicy enough to make fans think, and a number of them would like to see Dragon Ball explore the premise thoroughly in an upcoming arc. It has been a while since our Saiyans intentionally nerfed, and we'd like to see them struggle with the inability that would come with one form's absence.


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