Dragon Ball Super Debuts New Looks for Goten and Trunks

Dragon Ball Super has revealed some suprising new looks for Goten and Trunks, which will soon be making their debut in the Dragon Ball Super manga! As you can see below, Goten and Trunks are seen sporting identical superhero-style costumes – red capes and all. Trunks is facing forward, and on his belt we see the number "1" displayed, hinting that Goten (whose front is hidden) may have a "2" on his own belt. 

The caption with the photo on the Dragon Ball site says (in loose translation): "An illustration of Goten and Trunks wearing superhero-style suits has been unveiled for the first time!! A half-Saiyan half-chaotic combination becomes a hero who protects the peace of the city...!?"

Dragon Ball Super's New Arc Explained

(Photo: Dragon Ball Official Site / Shonen Jump Magazine / Toei)

The next Dragon Ball Super manga arc is goign to be called the "Super Hero" arc, which would help explain Trunks and Goten's new looks. Naturally, fans are already speculating if the new manga arc title has a direct connection to the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

 That film was a sort of interquel to the more recent Dragon Ball Super manga arcs focused on Goku and Vegeta's battles across the cosmos. (WARNING – SPOILERS FOLLOW!) Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ended with Gohan and Piccolo leveling up in a big way, while Bulma and Capsle Corp. took on Dr. Gero's grandson Dr. Hedo and his android Gamma 1 onboard as part of the Z-Fighters' team. It was certainly a new status quo, and one that raised a lot of questions about what the franchise planned to do next. Goten and Trunks only made a minor appearance in the anime film, shocking fans with their new aged-up designs. So naturally, their role has been a dangling question, as well. 

While Toei has been vague about cementing the connections between Dragon Ball Super films and anime canon, it has been theorized that there are two concurrent storylines being shaped right now: Goku and Vegeta out in the galaxy battling Moro and The Heeters (and meeting Granola and learning about Bardock's heroic past); while on Earth, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks and other Z-Fighters battled the Red Ribbon Army's resurgence, Cell Max, and whatever threat comes in this new "Super Hero" manga arc. 

The hope is that at some near point in the future, all of these storylines advance the characters of Dragon Ball to a new shared status quo that's perfect to launch a new anime series from. We shall see. 

Dragon Ball Super's "Super Hero" manga arc begins on December 21st.