Dragon Ball Dad Dresses Up with Daughter in Quarantine to Keep Her Spirits Up

It's a weird and uncertain time for many, but one dad has been helping his daughter get through the quarantine with the help of Dragon Ball! One dad in Puertollano, Ciudad Real has been using the extended time inside to get closer with his daughter through some adorable playtime! One day while cleaning out junk house (according to a report from 20 Minutos), Jaime Coronel, stumbled on a box with an old Elsa and Olaf costume from Frozen and decided to put them on while taking a short walk outside to throw away their garbage.

This lead to Jaime and his daughter to dress up in new outfits every day, and one of those was a hilarious Dragon Ball Z duo! Shared through his Instagram page (which you can find here), Jaime had donned a hilarious Super Saiyan Goku look and dressed his daughter as an adorable Gohan! These are only some of the examples of their fun looks, but check out the Dragon Ball Z shout out below.

Coronel has been making his neighbors happy with this as they wait to see what kind of look he'll be using each day at the exact same time. Just as you might expect with how popular these costumes have been on Instagram, these costumes have been a huge boost in spirits during these uncertain times.

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The impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic has led to the closing and postponing of many productions around the world, and the greater efforts to practice social distancing and quarantining have definitely been a damper on spirits. But this goes to show just how much Dragon Ball has been a great source of entertainment by many fans across the world. So much so that even just a couple of costumes can be used in an adorable new way to show off just how much the franchise will be a great place to escape to during this current trouble.


Have you been re-reading, watching, or re-experiencing the Dragon Ball franchise during the quarantine period? What are some of your favorite moments in the entire franchise? Which moments do you best remember over everything else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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