Dragon Ball Unveils Official Super Saiyan 4 Suit

Dragon Ball has plenty of transformation under its belt these days, but of course, some are more popular than others. We all know the Super Saiyan form is iconic, and as of late, Dragon Ball has bolstered Ultra Instinct as one of Goku's go-to forms. And now, it seems Super Saiyan 4 is stepping into the spotlight with an official costume.

Over in Japan, promos hit social media this week teasing Dragon Ball's official take on Super Saiyan 4. It seems the form is getting its own costume following a resurgence in Dragon Ball Heroes. So if you want to try out one of Goku's most famous forms, this suit will do the trick.

At this point, no word has been given on when the suit will drop, but Bandai Namco will oversee its launch. So far, the costume only brings Goku's torso to life while in Super Saiyan 4, so more cosplay pieces could be on the way. But even if this top is all we get, fans can pair the replica with loose pants to make the outfit work.

The Future of Super Saiyan 4

Of course, Super Saiyan 4 is quite popular these days, but the power was not always met with such enthusiasm. After all, the power made its debut in Dragon Ball GT. The short-lived series acted as a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, and its place in canon remains tenuous at best. Met with mixed reviews, Dragon Ball GT did plenty to upset fans, but its debut of Super Saiyan 4 was met with praise. And over the years, the form has become all the more popular.

Now, Dragon Ball Heroes is doing the most with the Saiyan form. Not long ago, two characters were given access to Super Saiyan 4 for the first time, and this web-anime has allowed others like Bardock to tap into the form before. Now, this official costume will let fans try on the form for size if they'd like. Just, let's make sure the power doesn't get to anyone's head, yeah?

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