Dragon Ball Super Fan Pitches Zeno's Comeback Arc

The Moro Arc is about to end in the popular Shonen manga for Dragon Ball Super, as Goku has found himself mastering the power of Ultra Instinct, and fans are wondering where the franchise can go from here when it comes to new challenges for the Z Fighters but one artist has us covered with this take on a potential "Zeno Arc"! Zeno, of course, is the child-like being who is considered to be the most powerful creation of the universe, forming a fast friendship with Goku while also making the Gods of Destruction quake in their boots!

Zeno himself hasn't had any role to play in the Moro Arc so far, which is somewhat surprising considering his active role in the previous arcs of the Tournament of Power and the Goku Black Arc, with both sagas seeing the pint sized deity destroying universes with a casual exerting of his overall power. With Goku mastering Ultra Instinct and Vegeta discovering a few new tricks while training on the Planet Yardrat, it seems as if Moro's time is insanely close to coming to an end and Zeno would seem like the most logical progression for the Saiyan warriors and their Z Fighter companions to test their might against!

Instagram Artist Ade.BW shared this impressive fan art that imagines a "Dragon Ball Super 2" that sees a new version of Zeno seemingly threatening Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters in a potential arc that would definitely give the Shonen warriors the toughest battle they've ever seen:

Though it seems highly doubtful that Goku, Vegeta, and the other fighters would be able to even lay a hand onto Zeno considering his insane power, we would certainly like to see how Ultra Instinct would stand up to the deity. We have yet to get any hints about the return of the franchise's anime, or what the next story arc after Moro will be, but it's clear that Akira Toriyama isn't ending the current series any time soon.

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