'Dragon Ball Super' Shares New Hint About Goku's Transformation

Dragon Ball Super is on a break this week, but its next episode will be worth the wait. When the show returns next month, Goku will finally fight Jiren and reveal his next transformation. And, if a new magazine is right, then the form is one that Dragon Ball fans will never see coming.

Over on Twitter, fans have been buzzing about Goku's mysterious new transformation. Dragon Ball Super has been hinting the hero will undergo a change that's never been seen before in the franchise, and its latest teaser has got fans feeling pumped.

You can check out Todd Blankenship's translation of the teaser below:

"Son Goku's eyes are silver…!! What in the world's going on?! Witness a shock the like of whih has never before seen in DB history.

The 'Tournament of Power' is heating up!! In this super-anticipated 1-hour special, Goku and the rest of Universe 7 wage a super-fierce battle against Universe 11!! And keep your eyes peeled for something big that's going to happen to Goku!!

Son Goku and Jiren the Grey finally get down to business!! What's more, Goku puts a new technique into operation?! Definitely pay attention to the "eyes" in the main visual!"

As you can see above, the visual being referred to is a close-up of Goku. The buff Saiyan is shown looking rather serious as his eyes narrow. The color of Goku's eyes are a pale silver, and it is this shade that Dragon Ball fans are speculating about.

Goku has lots of transformations, but none of them give the Saiyan silver eyes. The hero's Super Saiyan forms give him blue or red irises but never silver. The only characters of importance who fans can recall having silver eyes is none other than Zamasu, and no one wants to see Goku end up like that villain.


There's no consensus on what Goku's eyes mean, but Dragon Ball Super has confirmed they are worth noting. Fans are wondering if the change could denote Goku's mastered control of his God Ki or even a new Kaio-Ken form. Still, there are others who think the change signals a Naruto-level revelation of Goku having a strange ocular power.

What is your hunch about Goku's new form? Do you think it has to do with the hero's God Ki or something else entirely? Hit us up on Twitter @ComicBook to let us know!

Dragon Ball SuperSunday at on Fuji Television Network

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