Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Makes Android 21 Canon at Last

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is in theaters at last, and the comeback has made good on its promises to shake up the franchise. From Gohan's new power to a surprise villain's return, the film has a lot for fans to unpack. And if you missed it somehow, the movie even took time to bring Android 21 into the canon.

The whole thing went down towards the beginning of Dragon Ball Super's new film after the Red Ribbon Army is reintroduced. The organization is a far cry from what fans saw back when Goku was a kid. Now, the organization is led in part by Dr. Hedo, a genius scientist with ties to Dr. Gero. Oh, and he happens to be related to Android 21... or rather, the woman they used to be.

According to the film's lore, Dr. Hedo is related to Dr. Gero and a woman named Vomi who became the inspiration for Android 21. It is likely the former turned his wife into an android through some sort of experiment, but for now, there is no canon explanation behind Android 21's creation. In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the movie goes on to say the Red Ribbon doctors had a son named Gevo who looks exactly like Android 16. And somehow, Dr. Hedo is the nephew of Gevo.

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So, there you have it. Dr. Hedo is the grandchild of Dr. Gero and Android 21 before Vomi was transformed. Their family tree is obviously complicated, and asides from these four members, Dragon Ball has not identified anyone else from the brood.

With Android 21 now in the canon, the door has been opened for the anime to pursue a full-on arc with the character. They are a simple footnote in this movie, but Dragon Ball could easily bring Vomi to center stage with help from her grandson. After all, the anime's new film ends with Dr. Hedo transferring to the Capsule Corporation. You can bet Android 21 would perish the change, so what better way is there for the fan-favorite to show up than to punish her wayward grandson?

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