Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Confirms Gotenks' Appearance

Dragon Ball Super has caught the attention of fans this week with its latest chapter, and of course, the anime was not going to be outdone by the release. Just before the manga put out its new update, fans were given a peek at Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero thanks to a new poster. And now, a merchandise ad has confirmed the movie will pay a visit to Gotenks at some point.

The update went live today when Dragon Ball shared some of its upcoming merchandise with fans. It was there UDM Burst previewed two sets focused on the anime's next movie. It was there fans were greeted by familiar faces like Goku and Piccolo as well as new villains like Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. But if you look at all of the figures, you will find Gotenks hiding amongst their ranks.

However, there is something a bit different about Gotenks in this collection. That is because one of its failed fusions is present, so Fat Gotenks is what we ended up with. The fusion looks much the same as he did when Goten and Trunks first brought Fat Gotenks to life by accident. So of course, fans are eager to see the teenage heroes revive this character.

While this merchandise confirms Gotenks' role, it is hardly surprising to fans at this point. That is because the latest Dragon Ball Super poster teased the fusion's arrival. When the key visual dropped, fans were shown aged-up versions of Goten and Trunks hanging out with their parents and friends. The shot shows the boys in the Fusion Dance pose with fingers outstretched, but their moves weren't identical. Their mismatched fingers promised a failed Fusion Dance was on its way, and as it turns out, Dragon Ball is making good on that tease.

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