Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Just Teased Its Big Villain's Identity

Dragon Ball Super knows a thing or three about villains. The anime has welcomed plenty of baddies to the series, and its manga is still doing so with its latest arcs. Now, it seems the anime is ready to respond with its own additions as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will hit theaters this spring. And thanks to a special trailer, fans have an idea who the movie's real villain might be.

If you did not know, the film has been pretty open about its big-name villains up until now. When the movie was first announced, Dragon Ball confirmed the Red Ribbon Army was coming out to play. The organization is ready to take over Earth after keeping things on the down-low, and it has two androids on its side. But thanks to this new trailer, fans are thinking a third android might be in the mix.

As you can see above, the trailer highlights one scene in particular when showcasing the Red Ribbon Army. The clip says the "worst existence that has yet to be seen in born" from the army, and it appears to be housed in a sphere tank of some sort. Tons of steam can be seen coming from the ball, and an eerie green glow can be seen coming from within thanks to a little porthole.

Of course, the capsule itself and the captain have fans waging bets over Cell's return. The villain has been missing in action since Dragon Ball Z, making him one of the anime's few main villains to avoid any sort of comeback. The Red Ribbon Army's involvement with Cell makes his return all the more likely, and we know the group has been working on new androids courtesy of its Gamma twins. So obviously, fans are thinking Cell might be the final boss of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

There is also another popular theory about the trailer's teaser, and it has to do with a wild pick. Some believe Android 21 is the threat lurking behind the Red Ribbon Army. It might be an oddball choice, but the heroine has proven herself to be strong in other Dragon Ball media. So if the anime wants to make her existence canon, this film would be the perfect way to do so. 


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