Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Is Making a Change to the Super Saiyan Design

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is promising to explore some new territory for the Z-Fighters, with Gohan and Piccolo stepping up to the plate to fight a new version of the Red Ribbon Army while Goku and Vegeta are off-planet training. With Piccolo seemingly getting a new transformation that some fans have referred to as "Smooth Piccolo," some fans are beginning to wonder if Son Gohan might be getting a new transformation of his own.   

One of the big mysteries that arise with Gohan using Super Saiyan is how it relates to his "Mystic Form" that he was able to reclaim in preparing for the Tournament of Power, the arc that closed out Dragon Ball Super's anime. During the anime, Gohan had stated that he was seeking power outside of Super Saiyan, but in this new battle against the Red Ribbon Army, it seems as though the son of Goku is once again relying on the transformation that changes his hair to blond. In fighting the newest androids, perhaps Gohan has found a new style of Super Saiyan which incorporates his Ultimate Form with the legendary transformation.

Twitter User Salad Saiyan shared snippets from the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, showing off the film's new take on the Super Saiyan transformation which might hint at the idea that Son Gohan has decided to improve upon the form that he once stepped away from during the Tournament of Power:

Another major question that has arisen as a result of the latest trailer for Akira Toriyama's movie is whether or not Super Hero is sowing the seeds for a possible return of Cell, the Dragon Ball Z villain that has yet to make a comeback following his death at the hands of Gohan. With a mysterious mechanical device revealed in the recent footage, with Red Ribbon's Dr. Hedo apparently freaking out about, perhaps the greatest creation of Dr. Gero is set to make a return, much like Frieza in the early parts of Dragon Ball Super.


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