‘Dragon Ball Super’ Hints At Freeza’s Hidden Agenda

If there’s one thing Dragon Ball fans can rely on, it is Freeza having some ulterior motives. [...]

If there's one thing Dragon Ball fans can rely on, it is Freeza having some ulterior motives. The villain has been on Goku's bad side since they met in Dragon Ball Z, and that has not changed any in Dragon Ball Super. So, it isn't very surprising to see Freeza hinting at his old ways again.

In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans saw Goku give his Ultra Instinct state another go. The fighter powered up to take down Kefla who transformed into Super Saiyan 2, but it cost Goku. The episode ended with Goku worse for wear as he fell back into his base form, and Freeza was there to tower over the fighter from afar.

Standing atop an earthy pillar, Freeza finished his observations of Ultra Instinct with a disconcerting smile.

"Ultra Instinct, I see. After all, to gain that incredible power, he must endure a great deal of physical strain," Freeza said before adding:

"Son Goku, I'm going to need you to continue to work for me.

The villain's last line and evil laugh has fans desperate to know what Freeza is planning. The baddie is not one to let things go against him, and Freeza will surely stop at nothing to come out on top of Universe 7. The hero was resurrected long enough to fight in the Tournament of Power, but the Super Dragon Balls are powerful enough to bring Freeza back for good. In fact, the artifacts are strong enough to wipe out the Gods of Destruction themselves, and Freeza has shown interest in such plans before.

For now, fans can only speculate about how Goku's own power-ups filter into Freeza and his plan. There are fans who think the villain's plot will unravel before it even gets started, but Freeza has been a little too accommodating. The fighter even leant Goku some of his own energy after his first Ultra Instinct bout, and he did so to clear any debut between himself and Goku. Freeza is free to do whatever he wants in the Tournament of Power now, and that may just spell disaster for Universe 7.

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