'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Master Roshi's Shocking Ties to Ultra Instinct

When it comes to power-ups in Dragon Ball, there are few forms as hyped as Ultra Instinct. The [...]

When it comes to power-ups in Dragon Ball, there are few forms as hyped as Ultra Instinct. The transformation made its debut with Goku as the Saiyan fought Jiren, and Ultra Instinct has become a top form since. However, Goku isn't the only one who knows how Ultra Instinct works.

As it turns out, Master Roshi is way closer to going Ultra Instinct than anyone could've imagined. No, really.

Recently, Shueisha posted its new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and the update contained a ton of new info. Toyotaro's series is moving right through the Tournament of Power, and it was there Roshi revealed he's got a better handle on the tenants of Ultra Instinct than most.

Chapter 39 follows Goku as he tries to forcefully raise his power levels to break his limits. Not even Kaio-Ken can help the Saiyan do such a thing, and Jiren is not impressed. Neither is Roshi for that matter, and Goku's former teacher scolds the fighter for relying so much on raw power. Instead, Roshi says Goku must focus elsewhere to overcome his limits and proves he's right by taking on Jiren.

Of course, the Pride Trooper thinks the fight will be one-and-done, but Roshi will not be taken down so easily. The old man is able to dodge several of Jiren's blows on instinct alone before being ringed out, a feat which takes everyone by surprise.

While Goku is shocked by how nimble Roshi is, Whis and Beerus have another set of concerns entirely. Up in the stands, the angel goes so far as to connect Roshi's moves with "that" technique, a nod clearly referring to Ultra Instinct. Roshi was able to move his body in battle without any conscious thought, one of the primary tenants of Ultra Instinct. So, while the fighter hasn't unlocked the power in full, Roshi definitely gets what the transformation is all about. So, if you thought fan-art of Ultra Instinct Roshi was cracky, you might want to rethink your assumption.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will hit cinemas later this year. Funimation will be bringing the film to theaters in the United States in January 2019 once it goes live in Japan in December. The film is described as such:

"This is the story of a new Saiyan. Earth is peaceful following the Tournament of Power. Realizing that the universes still hold many more strong people yet to see, Goku spends all his days training to reach even greater heights. Then one day, Goku and Vegeta are faced by a Saiyan called 'Broly' who they've never seen before. The Saiyans were supposed to have been almost completely wiped out in the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so what's this one doing on Earth? This encounter between the three Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies turns into a stupendous battle, with even Freeza (back from Hell) getting caught up in the mix."

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