‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases Its Biggest Vegeta-Centric Episode Yet

Dragon Ball fans have long asked for Vegeta to get another go at the spotlight, and it seems those wishes will be answered soon. Thanks to Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta is about to get his shine on in his best starring episode yet.

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super saw Universe 7 do away with Universe 3 after an epic fight. The latter team was axed after Goku’s remaining team members powered into their top forms. Vegeta charged ahead in his Super Saiyan Blue state to help defeat Aniraza, and it seems the Saiyan is just getting started.

As you can see above, the preview for the next Dragon Ball Super episode shows Vegeta going up against Jiren. The insanely strong fighter will be forced out of his meditation now that Universe 11 is the only thing standing in the way of Universe 7. The reel shows Goku taking on Jiren at first, but it seems Vegeta will come and interrupt the fight soon enough.

“Only our Universe 7 and Universe 11 led by Jiren remain. Vegeta is enterting a huge desperate battle with Jiren,” Goku’s voiceover can be heard saying in the preview.

“Vegeta, even you won’t be able to beat Jiren so easily! Draw forth power beyond your limits!”


The gorgeous reel highlights the animation of Dragon Ball Super’s next episode, and Vegeta will benefit from it. The fighter is seen going off on Jiren, and he manages to land some solid blows on the fighter. Of course, Vegeta will have to do something truly limit-breaking should he want a shot at defeating Jiren. When Goku faced the Pride Trooper, he had to unlock his Ultra Instinct state just to stage a comeback. It could be time for Vegeta to tap into that power for himself, or he may unlock a new transformation that gives him an upper-hand.

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