Dragon Ball Super Teases the Debut of Vegeta's Instant Transmission

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 50 has plenty of game-changing twists, but one big tease at the end of the issue is signaling something fans have been waiting for since the Dragon Ball Z days!

By all indications, Vegeta is about to get his own Instant Transmission technique!

If you want the full SPOILERS on the situation from issue 50, you can read that down below. For now, let's talk about what Vegeta could do with his own version of instant transmission!

Without spoiling anything, Vegeta's need for Instant Transmission is rooted in his Saiyan Pride, and anger over the times that he's had to rely on Goku to save him using it. There's also still the problem of Moro to deal with, and like every single cycle of Dragon Ball storytelling, Vegeta definitely doesn't plan to just follow in Goku's exact footsteps when using Instant Transmission. Vegeta always tends to use his learned techniques in a more aggressive manner than Goku; it would be interesting to soon see Instant Transmission put to a harder attack mode than we've ever seen before.

As promised, below you can get the FULL SPOILERS of what goes down in Dragon Ball Super chapter 50:

"As it turns out, fan theories about Moro's third wish were dead wrong. The evil sorcerer didn't wish for something like immortality - he'd struck a deal with his fellow Galactic Patrol prisoners that he would free them, given the chance, after his escape. Moro is backed by a particularly powerful prisoner named Sagan-Bo, who leads the jailbreak, once Moro's wish makes the Galactic Patrol cells fail.

Back on New Namek, Galactic Patrol agents Merus and Jaco get the distress signal about the jailbreak, but it's way too late. The escaped prisoners have banded together into a gang, and arrive on New Namek to fight in Moro's name. The convicts are given a major power boost thanks to Moro's magic, and suddenly, Goku, Buu, and Vegeta find themselves very outnumbered.

The situation gets even more dire when Moro uses his energy-siphoning power again, knocking Goku and Vegeta down, through their Super Saiyan transformations, level by level. (It's a really cool sequence to imagine for the anime.) Before they can ever lay a finger on Moro, the two Saiyan warriors are getting beat back to base form by Sagan-Bo and the other convicts, while Buu/Daikaioh is still too weak to do anything. Moro and Jaco show up for a much-needed save, but even the patrolmen quickly find themselves overwhelmed. When Sagan-Bo tries to destroy the Galactic Patrol's ship, Goku orders the pilot, Irico, to flee.

Stranded on New Namek and being overrun, Goku calls for a full retreat back to Galactic Patrol HQ via Instant Transmission. The Galatic Patrolmen agree, but Vegeta won't have it: he parts ways with Goku, saying his Saiyan pride won't let him again be saved by Goku's power. Instead, Vegeta joins Irico on the ship with another destination in mind: Planet Yardrat, where he can presumably learn Instant Transmission for himself!"

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