'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Already Have A Name For Vegeta's Next Power-Up

Dragon Ball Super is not afraid to introduce new power-ups, and it looks like Vegeta may be the [...]

Dragon Ball Super is not afraid to introduce new power-ups, and it looks like Vegeta may be the next person to unlock one. The anime is teasing the fighter will unlock a power beyond Super Saiyan Blue, and the fandom is going wild with the idea.

After all, fans have already created potnetial names for the incoming form.

Over the weekend, Dragon Ball Super returned to television with a new episode. The release saw Vegeta go up against Jiren, but the Saiyan failed to phase the Pride Trooper in the end. Vegeta was left KO'd in a crater after the fight, but the anime confirmed he will make a return soon enough.

Not only did Dragon Ball Super's latest preview specifically call out a new power for Vegeta, but the anime hinted at it even further in its new ending. The show's latest outro ends with a picture of Vegeta powered up in a Super Saiyan Blue form which looks a little different than his usual transformation. Those combined teasers were enough to get fans excited, and a couple of names for the power-up are floating around now.

According to Japanese fans, they are thinking Vegeta's form will be a cross between Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct. They are referring to the rumored form as Blue Migatte or Migatte Blue on the popular fan-site 5ch. As for international fans, they have names picked out for the power if it happens to be a completed take on SSB.

So far, fans have opted to call the rumored power-up one of two things. Ultra Blue is the top pick for a transformation that blends Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct. Royal Blue is being used as a name as well, but fans are wanting to save it for a completed SSB form.

Of course, fans have yet to get any clear confirmation on the new form, but the Dragon Ball fandom feels certain Vegeta is in for a power-up. With Goku having unlocked Ultra Instinct, Vegeta will need to add a new tool to his arsenal if he wants to help defeat Jiren, and a new transformation could do the trick.

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