'Dragon Ball Super' Just Dropped A Hilarious Yamcha Burn

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are few fighters who get slighted as much as Yamcha. The martial artist was a major hero in the original Dragon Ball anime, but Yamcha became something of a meme by the time Dragon Ball Z rolled around. Now, the manga for Dragon Ball Super solidified the character's forgettable status with one painful burn.

Thanks to Viz Media, the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super has been posted for fans to read. The free translation of chapter 31 follows Goku as the hero collects enough fighters for the Tournament of Power, but it is Vegeta who winds up slighting Yamcha.

The chapter nears its close when Bulma is seen helping Whis make a final tournament roster. The two try to think of a final fighter who can go battle while Beerus and Vegeta do their own brainstorming.

"Are there any other fighters," Vegeta asks his wife.

"Hmmm. I wonder," Bulma says before trailing off. The next panel sees her envision a minimalistic portrait of Yamcha, but the heroine gets interrupted when Hercules calls her.

While Bulma talks with Hercules, Beerus and Vegeta are left to chat. When the God of Destruction asks, "Who's that person Bulma was about to mention," Vegeta gives the best possible response.

"No idea," the Saiyan admits.

Yeah, it's no surprise Vegeta is not willing to bring up or even remember Yamcha. After all, the guy is one of his wife's exes.


When the Dragon Ball Super anime covered this portion of the 'Universal Survival' saga, Yamcha was never even considered for the tournament. The fighter convinced himself that he would be recruited but Goku never approached Yamcha. Instead, the hero was left to bid the Universe 7 team farewell when they traveled to the event's arena with Beerus, and Yamcha can only note all their fates rest on the team's shoulders.

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