Dragon Ball Super Has Made the Franchise's Strongest Villain with Moro

Dragon Ball Super introduced a fearsome new villain in Planet-Eater Moro, a sorcerer, and fighter [...]

Dragon Ball Super introduced a fearsome new villain in Planet-Eater Moro, a sorcerer, and fighter who nearly defeated the Grand Supreme Kai himself. That was an intimidating resume, but after 10,000,000 years in a Galactic Patrol prison, Moro didn't seem like any sort of threat that Goku and Vegeta couldn't handle, given their current power. However, during the course of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, Moro has undergone the sort of evolution we haven't seen since Dragon Ball Z's worst foes - and now he has officially become the strongest villain in the Dragon Ball franchise!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 62 SPOILERS Follow!

Moro's magic is his greatest edge, allowing him to siphon the life forces of any living thing and use it to augment his own strength, durability, and magical power. That vampiric process had the unusual side-effect of also making Moro more young and fit, increasing his natural fighting abilities.

Vegeta thought he'd found the key to beating Moro in Forced Spirit Fission, a technique from Yardrat that allowed Vegeta to siphon all the stolen energy out of Moro, and distribute wherever Vegeta saw fit. But in true Dragon Ball fashion, Moro had one more backup plan for a massive transformation.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Kills Goku Piccolo Death Manga 62

In the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapters, the evil sorcerer absorbed his evil android Seven-Three, who had the unique power of copying the abilities of any fighter he grabbed. Moro left a copy of his full powers with Seven-Three, but in fusing with the android the evil sorcerer gains a more powerful form than he ever had. Part of that upgrade is gaining Seven-Three's ability to copy abilities (without the androids 30-minute limit), and Moro uses it to his advantage by stealing Vegeta's new Spirit Control powers!

With his full magic and vitality; and an entire array of stolen powers (and ability to copy more); plus Vegeta's new mastery of spirit and ki energy, Moro is without the strongest villain in the history of the Dragon Ball manga/anime series. If you don't agree, Moro quickly proves the point, by punching right through Goku's chest; impaling Piccolo with a copy of his own Special Beam Cannon; knocking the teeth out of Gohan's mouth; roasting Vegeta with his own Big Bang Attack, and slapping around Androids 17 & 18 like they're nothing. In short: it's the most gruesome beatdown the Z-Fighters have ever received.

It's not just raw power either: Moro is more fearsome, sadistic, and downright scary than even Dragon Ball Z's most iconic big bads - he makes Freeza look like comedic relief.