‘Dragon Ball’ Shares New Ultra Instinct Goku Designs

Dragon Ball Super is all about the Tournament of Power right now, but fans are just waiting for Goku to tap into his latest form. Earlier this year, the Saiyan unlocked the ability to use Ultra Instinct as he fought Jiren, but the finicky form has only be back once since then.

So, it was really nice of Toei Animation to share in-depth Ultra Instinct designs with fans this weekend.

Tokyo held Shueisha's annual Jump Festa convention this weekend, and the event brought in anime fans from around the world. Dragon Ball had a big presence at the event thanks to its on-going anime, and it was there some sketches of Goku were put on display.

As you can see below, attendees of Jump Festa shared the full-body designs online. The colored mock-ups show Goku in his Ultra Instinct form from the front, back, and side. The shots do not include the white-blue aura Goku takes on when he transforms, but it does carefully shade each of his taut muscles.

Seriously, just look at the hero's back. That kind of ripped body is one only a Saiyan could have.

Aside from the full-body designs, two close-ups are also shown. In the top right, there is a zoomed in shot of Goku's head which highlights his hair. The one below that focuses on Goku's eyes as Ultra Instinct gives the fighter silver irises.

According to the design poster, Goku does really have black hair when he goes Ultra Instinct. Many fans had assumed that was the case, but Goku's animated highlights made it difficult to suss out his definitive hair color. At times, Ultra Instinct appeared to give Goku two-toned hair, but Toei Animation just put the debate to rest. The poster contains text confirming the fighter's "hairstyle is different than when he usually has black hair."

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