This ‘Dragon Ball’ Artwork Of Ultra Instinct Yamcha Is Goals

If there’s one character Dragon Ball fans love to hate, it is Yamcha. The fighter debuted in the [...]

If there's one character Dragon Ball fans love to hate, it is Yamcha. The fighter debuted in the franchise's first anime, but Dragon Ball Z turned Yamcha into global meme fodder thanks to his weaker power levels. However, thanks to one fans, the Internet can now see what Yamcha would look like if he could use Ultra Instinct.

Over on Deviant Art, Suitntie gave Ultra Instinct Yamcha a go. The picture, which can be seen here, is a rather detailed one that makes Yamcha look rather intimidating. The hero is seen enveloped by a white-blue aura, and his hair is spiked upwards for the most pair. His toned body is exposed thanks to Yamcha's unfastened shirt, and his scarred face looks understandably gnarled during the power up.

Of course, the fan-art does poke at Yamcha's reputation a bit by dimming his Ultra Instinct hopes. In the bottom corner, a small drawing of Yamcha sleeping can be see as Puar tries to wake the lazy fighter.

Unsurprisingly, it seems as if Yamcha would like to enjoy his dream for a bit longer.

If you are a fan of Yamcha, then you won't want to get your hopes up about the hero learning Ultra Instinct. Goku only just tapped into the power, and the anime has stressed even Gods of Destruction struggle to master the power. Whis is one of the few masters of the technique, and well - Yamcha is a far cry away from being at Whis' level.

Fans joke, but Yamcha really did get nerfed hard in Dragon Ball Z. The hero never recovered from the slight, and Dragon Ball Super has done little to amp up the martial artist since it kicked off. However, with fan-art like this around, Yamcha supporters can at least imagine what an OP version of the hero would look like.

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