Dragon Ball Cosplay Reimagines Chi Chi as a Z-Fighter

The Dragon Ball franchise is at a much different place than when it all began. Not only has it boomed into a multimedia juggernaut spanning multiple manga, anime, movie and video game releases, but the stories in the series have evolved as well. Each new arc brings with it stronger opponents for Goku and company to face, and this has changed the trajectory of the kinds of stories the series tells. Meaning that there are less slice of life type of adventures Akira Toriyama began the series with, and this also means those characters appear much less too.

Whether they are (literally) forgotten like Launch, or just shuffled into a much more diminished capacity as the series began focusing more on fights, no character shows this shift more than Goku's wife Chi Chi. Initially playing a much more involved role in the series as someone who could feasibly keep up with Goku, Chi Chi stopped being so involved with things once she had kids.

What if this weren't the case? What if Chi Chi continued her training and became one of the many Z-Fighters continuing to defend the Earth? Artist @samiryanne (who you can find on Instagram here) shared quite the fun take on Chi Chi with a vision of the fighter donning Goku's old gi and taking on all challengers. Check it out below:

Although Chi Chi's fighting days seem behind her in the official series, cosplay takes like this reveal all sorts of missed out opportunities. She might be played for laughs as someone who continues to hold Goku to some kind of consequence for his choices, but she was once one of the fiercest fighters in the entire series!

If Chi Chi continued to fight and grew stronger in her own ways along with the rest of her family, maybe the landscape of the Dragon Ball franchise would look much differently than it does now. It may never happen, but at least this cool cosplay gives us an idea of this awesome alternate universe!


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