Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Drops Curious Android 21, Dr. Gero Detail

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot took a bold move from the usual video games featuring Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters, deciding to not only retell the original story of the anime franchise, but also add in new story beats that count as official continuity thanks in part to the work from series creator Akira Toriyama. With the game giving us new insight into behind the scenes event in the series as well as how some characters may have felt in some of the bigger situations of Dragon Ball, a fan has found a brand new detail that dives into the complicated relationship between Dr. Gero and the fan favorite character added to the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21.

21 made a name for herself in the previous Dragon Ball Z fighting game, at times being the game's villain but eventually joining the Z Fighters as she split into two. In Kakarot, Android 21 is introduced to the series' continuity proper, working with Dr. Briefs to create and improve the gravity training room that both Goku and Vegeta used to increase their power levels by leaps and bounds. With this new scene discovered, it's clear that 21 has severely mixed feelings about Dr. Gero after seeing the destroyed site where his laboratory once stood.

Reddit User MrDeath220 shared the screen shot that shows Android 21 looking at the hole where Dr. Gero's laboratory once stood, obviously holding conflicted feelings considering the two's past relationship prior to them both becoming androids:

Android 21 looking at dr. geros destroyed lab from r/kakarot

Dragon Ball FighterZ gave us a vague understanding of Android 21's past, revealing that her son was the basis for the model used for Android 16, and even hinted at the fact that she was at one time married to Gero himself. Obviously, with this background between the two, it's clear that there's still some history that needs to addressed.


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