'Dragon Ball': Here's How Malcolm McDowell Could Look Like as Dr. Gero

If the Dragon Ball franchise ever gets another chance at a live-action adaptation, fans think it should explore one of the fan-favorite arcs of the series, the Android arc. But what would that look like?

One artist has imagined a whole cast of actors for a possible Android arc film, and here's their interpretation of what Malcolm McDowell would look like as the Androids' creator, Dr. Gero.

Joining his previous interpretations of Dove Cameron as Android 18, Dane DeHaan as Android 17, Nicholas Hoult as Trunks, Ken Jeong as Master Roshi, Hulk Hogan as Mr. Satan, Alan Ritchson as Android 16, Benedict Wong as Android 19, and Tom Hiddleston as Cell, artist @Bosslogic rounded out the important characters of the arc with the one who created them all.

Dr. Gero, along with Android 19, were first introduced into the Android arc of Dragon Ball Z. Originally intended to be the two Androids Trunks was warning Goku and the others about, one of Akira Toriyama's editors suggested that there be a different final villain as Dr. Gero didn't quite have a character design worthy of such a designation.

This led to the debut of Android 17 and 18, but even those two weren't enough as eventually Cell was introduced as the final foe of the arc. Cell himself went through many transformations as a result of editing as well, but it resulted in an arc fondly remembered by fans to this day. Malcolm McDowell would fit right in as the one to kick starts it all.


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