‘Dragon Ball Z’ Animator Reimagines Super Saiyan Blue Goku

When it comes to animators, Dragon Ball fans have some clear preferences. Yuya Takahashi ranks as one of the franchise's most beloved artists, and the animator made his return to Dragon Ball Super last weekend. However, the artist has the fandom buzzing for a whole new reason right now.

After all, Takahashi did just released a sketch he did of Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

Over on Twitter, fans began circulating artwork which the animator did of Goku in light of the holidays. Takahashi penned a colored sketch of SSB Goku the day after Christmas, and Dragon Ball fans went nuts over the image.

As you can see above, the sketch is a highly detailed one that brings out all of Goku's good angles. The Saiyan looks like he just walked out of Dragon Ball Z save for his blue hair, and fans admit they love this reimagined take on the SSB form. Picky netizens also took note that Goku is wearing his Gi seen at the end of Dragon Ball Z, so some are beginning to wonder if the franchise's latest anime will retcon that epilogue to have Goku go SSB.

For now, though, that theory will have to remain a such. There is no telling how Akira Toriyama will wind up directing Dragon Ball Super's finale when it comes around.


If you are not familiar with Takahashi and his Dragon Ball connections, then you have a bit to learn. The animator was known for working on Dragon Ball Z and popped into Dragon Ball Super as an animation supervisor back with episode 114. Fans have championed the artist's involvement as he does away with Dragon Ball Super's character designs and does the characters up in a more DBZ-friendly fashion. Takahashi was also the man in-charge of Dragon Ball Super's first opening and a key animator on the franchise's last two films.

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