Dune Trailer Sparks Comparison with a Famous Gundam Villain

The newest iteration of Dune has hit the ground floor running with a trailer that assembles actors [...]

The newest iteration of Dune has hit the ground floor running with a trailer that assembles actors such as Oscar Isaac, Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, and Dave Bautista to name a few, but one fan of the anime franchise of Mobile Suit: Gundam has discovered that the villain and hero from both stories seem to have a lot in common. The first Dune film was released in 1984, following a scientific, dystopian war between noble families that are looking to take control of their world, which definitely has some similarities to some of the anime series of Mobile Suit: Gundam!

In the 1984 feature length film, the character of Paul Atreides was brought to life by Kyle MacLachlan, and in the upcoming release, the role will be played by up and comer Timothee Chalamet. Ironically enough, Timothee is no stranger to the world of anime, donning a Yu-Gi-Oh! costume for Halloween when he was younger, showing his admiration for the duelist of the first season in Yugi Moto. With Dune being a long awaited, big blockbuster film, it will definitely help in propelling Chalamet's career. Mobile Suit: Gundam has never needed a full-on reboot like Dune, considering the anime has continued with new stories throughout the decades!

Twitter User KadinPanti shared side by side images between the hero of Dune in Paul Atreides and the villain of Mobile Suit: Gundam's first series in Garma, proving that heroes and villains can still look surprisingly similar to one another dependant on their environments and the stories being told:

While the most recognizable villain of Mobile Suit: Gundam is easily Char, one of the best warriors within the armed forces for the Principality of Zeon, but Garma was still able to leave an impression on the series as a whole. Garma, for those who followed the animated series, was killed as a result of a kamikaze mission, but was made a martyr to the people of Zeon, continuing to influence the empire long after his demise.

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