Fairy Tail Cosplay Brings Brandish to Life

Brandish was one of the key players in Fairy Tail's final arc, and now the villain turned hesitant ally has come to life through cosplay! Fairy Tail brought its anime to an end last year with a final season full of action packed episodes, and one of the many crucial characters was Brandish. Introduced as one of the powerful Spriggan 12 members working for Zeref's Alvarez Empire, Brandish was key in many of the fights that Lucy was a part of. She even plays a role in saving Natsu's life at one crucial juncture.

Ever since she made her first appearance in the anime during the events of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, Brandish had been one of the strongest characters in the series overall. Due to her magic allowing her to instantly alter the mass and proportions of whatever she wanted, she often used this ability to quickly win fights or destroy her enemies at her leisure.

The leisurely way she carried herself throughout the series was also one of the many reasons fell in love with her, and this is coupled with her attire as well that seemed like she was always ready to relax whenever given the opportunity. Artist @damamomo.cosplay (who you can find more work from on Instagram here) taps into Brandish's laid back and bold style especially well through cosplay! Check it out:

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Brandish was one of the many characters that fans were introduced to over the course of Fairy Tail's final arc, and she's one of the many fans are hoping to see in anime someday. It might be a while before that happens, unfortunately, as Hiro Mashima's current series Edens Zero will soon be getting an anime adaptation of its own next. But while this new series does not have Brandish, it does have its own line of fan favorite heroines and heroes that fans will be introduced to when the anime makes its debut!

How did you feel about Brandish when she made her debut in Fairy Tail's anime? Where does she rank on your list of favorite foes in the series? Where does she rank among your favorite heroines in the franchise overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!