Fairy Tail Creator Teases One More Surprise Announcement to Fans

The creator of Fairy Tail knows how to use social media to his advantage, and Hiro Mashima is all the more loved for it. The man is a regular figure on SNS as he interacts with followers on Twitter, and he posts all sorts of art that range from serious to fan-service. Of course, he also uses social media to tease fans about his next projects, and Mashima piqued interest after teasing an announcement.

The artist riled up fans the other day when he posted a simple message for followers. Mashima referenced a promise he made earlier this year to share several project announcements, and he has made good on three of them. However, it turns out there is one more left for him to out.

"There were four secret announcements I mentioned before. There is only one left for me to announce," he wrote.

Of course, Fairy Tail fans were quick to share their guesses about the announcement, and they have a lot to wonder about. The artist stays busy, so he could be announcing anything from a brand-new project to an expansion of one he has been working on. If it is a new series, fans have no idea how Mashima could handle the workload, so it may mean one of his current works is heading for a hiatus.


However, fans believe it is far more likely that Mashima is announcing something he's been tied to already. This could be anything from announcing the release date of Edens Zero anime to a TV adaptation of Fairy Tail's sequel. There are lots of options for the fandom to pick from, so you can bet they're keeping a close eye on Mashima as they await his final promised announcement.

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