Fairy Tail Creator Shares Sexy Edens Zero Sketch

After Hiro Mashima brought his Fairy Tail manga to an end, fans were wondering what he would be working on next. The Fairy Tail franchise has continued on with its own official sequels, spin-offs, and even a console video game entry, but while Mashima is involved with each of these projects' creative processes he has a whole new series to focus on instead. Edens Zero started its run in 2018, and now that the series is over 70 chapters in, fans have really fallen in love with its world and assortment of adorable characters.

The standout among all of these new characters for fans and series creator Mashima alike is Rebecca. Initially drawing attention from Fairy Tail fans for her close visual similarities to the Fairy Tail heroine Lucy Heartfilia, Mashima has done plenty to help her standout from his previously created heroines as the series continued.

But this isn't limited to the manga series itself, however, as Mashima continues his trend of offering all kinds of official new fan service straight from the source with a sultry new sketch of Rebecca. Although he often shares spicy looks for her in the main series, this new black cat outfit for her Mashima debuted on Twitter definitely takes the cake!

Like Lucy, Rebecca is a creative in her own right. Rather than try and write a novel, Rebecca is akin to a viral YouTuber who began her adventure in order to draw more viewers to her content. She and the other Edens Zero characters share a few personality quirks that Mashima loves to explore through his series, and fans even got a concrete comparison recently with a full crossover series featuring Rave Master, Fairy Tail, and Edens Zero last year.

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The series follows new main character, Rebecca, as she travels across space with her cat Happy, filming videos for her B-Cube channel. One day the two of them come across the mysterious boy Shiki, an orphan who grew up on a planet of robots. After tragedy strikes and brings them together as a trio, the three of them decide to venture across space together in search of new friends and adventures.