Fate/Stay Series Gets Official Axe Body Spray

It looks like one of the world's most famous brands of body spray is ready to team up with an anime giant. If you are looking to buy a new deodorant for your next cosplay gig, then Fate/Stay wants to help you smell the best you can. After all, the franchise has teamed up with Axe Lab to create a body spray like none before.

As reported by Anime News Network, the surprising collaboration was announced earlier today in honor of the next Heaven's Feel films. The partnership will see Axe release three body sprays inspired by the anime, and fans will be able to get them between now and the last day of December.

The report confirms the body sprays will all be different scents and based on favorite characters from Fate/Stay. Illya will be promoting an aqua scent while Run goes after citrus. Finally, a savon scent will feature Sakura for all of you fanboys out there.

If you are real dedicated to this body spray collection, you will be able to get one other collectible. Axe's popular scent Essence is getting a Fate/Stay tie-in as it will be sold with a poster of Gilgamesh. The character poster looks rather sultry as the hero is seen lounging on a red couch with his black shirt unbuttoned, and fans who buy a body spray will be able to download high-res images of all these pictures. The collaboration is perfect for ultra-fans looking to get a piece of unique anime merchandise, and you can bet plenty of them will wear their special Axe spray to next year's big Fate/Stay movie release


If you are not familiar with the Fate/Stay Night franchise, then you should know the series revolves around a young man named Shirō Emiya who is unwillingly entered into a dangerous magical tournament known as the Holy Grail War. The event pits powerful mages against one another as they fight for the Holy Grail, a mysterious object that has the power to grant any wish. Emiya, an orphan living in Fuyuki City, trains to become one the world’s most powerful mages in order to help the city’s poorer classes. However, those dreams are complicated when he encounter a young woman named Saber who helps him through the Holy Grail War.

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